Family Focussed Systemic Therapy & Holistic  Intervention

Who are we?


Jess Lovibond Therapeutic Services is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company based in the Swale and Medway areas.


We provide inexpensive, high-quality training and direct therapeutic services for families, schools and organisations who work with vulnerable children and their families.


By focussing on the strengths and needs of individuals, we create mindful practice cultures, bespoke support plans and intervention strategies that build resilience and promote emotional wellness, providing families and organisations with robust person-centred, solution-focussed strategies for continued development and improvement.   

Our Services

FREE Initial Consultation service by phone / email


For schools and voluntary organisations to consult on appropriate support and services for families, children and adolescents who have suffered trauma, ACEs and Domestic Abuse.  Ideal for gaining practice inspiration for those families whose circumstances don’t meet criteria for a statutory service (such as families affected by DA) or those whose circumstances are considered complex. Our initial consulation is offered for free to see if we can help you.



We offer a series of Workshops for schools and other organisations to enable them to better understand and support those students / children who struggle with school or for whom the usual interventions haven’t been successful.


As part of our workshop package, we offer access to a practice model and resources that you can continue to use to better assess and understand the needs of your students; and a term’s worth of unlimited support and in-house practice guidance. 

We also offer an Understanding Domestic Abuse workshop, designed for schools, however is suitable for other organisations who feel they would benefit from some training in this area.

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Direct therapeutic work services

We provide high-quality bespoke therapeutic family support services, including systemic therapy, to families referred by other agencies including schools. 


Direct work services are offered to families who need support but who don’t meet criteria for statutory services such as Social Services or CAMHS.


Our assessments are holistic, child-centred and strengths-led giving us the ability to intervene either at home or school, whichever is most likely to bring the best outcomes for the child and organisation.


  • Positive Parenting – incorporates systemic thinking and gentle parenting methods

  • Freedom Programme – for adult survivors of Domestic Abuse

  • Phoenix Project – for adult survivors of Domestic Abuse

  • Healing Together – for child survivors of Domestic Abuse (TBC)

  • Living with ASC – An ad-hoc informal support and information-sharing group for parents & professionals who are living or working with children who have or are about to receive a diagnosis of a neurodiverse condition. (TBC)

systemic-therapy; systemic; intervention; systemic-family-therapy; attachment; attachment-issues; adolescents; holistic-approach; peer-support

Family Services


We offer a direct route for families or individuals to contact us themselves to request help or support either by phone or email.  If you think we can help you with something, get in touch!  If it turns out we can’t help you, we’ll help you to find someone else who can.

Peer 2 Peer Support


Because we understand how it feels to be a survivor of Domestic Abuse, we’ve developed our Peer 2 Peer support service.  Most of our volunteers and staff have experienced DA first-hand – that’s what makes us experts in our field.  We’ve worked with hundreds of survivors over the years and we know how tough it is to ‘open up’ about living with abuse – especially to professionals who might have the power to influence our lives. 

Our Peer 2 Peer support service is designed to help you feel at ease and gives you the opportunity to build a positive relationship with someone who knows how it feels to be a survivor.  We’ll match you with one of our volunteers who can offer advice and support in a friendly, informal way.   

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Systemic Therapy for children & families

Our Approach

We have developed a pioneering holistic child-centred attachment and trauma-informed assessment and therapeutic intervention package for children & adolescents whose presentation stands out in the classroom or at home, and for whom the 'usual' statutory interventions have not been successful. These packages draw from all aspects of Jess's professional experience and consist of three parts:

  • Direct work with individuals and families - such as parenting advice

  • Three-generational assessment and bespoke plan for the child(ren)

  • Clinical supervision and regular reviews to ensure quality and consistency of practice.


To date, this maverick practice model has proved unquestionably successful for improving practice, quality of relationships (attachments), engagement and academic progress. 

We are currently working with schools to implement inexpensive and universally accessible school-wide improvement packages using systemic therapy practices, focusing on improving mental health and promoting the notion of Mindful Maintenance as a life skill.

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systemic-therapy; systemic; intervention; systemic-family-therapy; attachment; adolescents;

Jess Lovibond - systemic Therapeutic Practitioner



I’m Jess and I’m the Director of Jess Lovibond Therapeutic Services (JLTS) CIC. 


JLTS provides services for families and schools to help families recover from traumatic events.  What’s a traumatic event?  Anything that means a family must get used to a ‘new normal’. 


I’ve been working with families for over twenty years, mainly in the Social Work arena, both in Residential Children’s Homes and frontline Social Work.  For the last few years, I’ve been working with mainstream schools as their numbers of students with unique needs has increased - the concept of JLTS is the outcome of that work with schools.


I’m a therapeutic practitioner with a PGC in Applied Systemic Theory (Family Therapy). This means I start with a detailed assessment of the family over three generations, then work outwards to find the thing that has affected the family’s functioning. 


This way of working is very successful for families who are going through tough times and our unique Holistic Assessment Framework ensures that Contextual Safeguarding is as the heart of everything we do.


My team are amazing, they’re all specialists in their fields whether that’s as experts by formal qualification or experience.  Between us, there isn’t much we haven’t seen or heard before! We’re all child-centred practitioners who are very knowledgeable about Domestic Abuse, Parenting, ASC, Attachment, and complex relationships.


So, whether you’re a parent or a professional, I hope that you’ll find something helpful here.  If you can’t find the answer to your question, please get in touch using our Contact Us form or send us an email:, we’re looking forward to helping you. 

Pioneering holistic child-centred attachment assessment and therapeutic intervention

our partners

JLTS would like to thank the following for their fantastic contributions and continuous support to help make Our Vision a reality:

Suzanne Lestrade (BA, MCIOF. Freelance Fundraiser)


Donna Atkinson (Headteacher & Safeguarding Lead)

Gary Nightingale Creative for our superb logo, amazing video and illustrations

systemic-therapy; systemic; intervention; systemic-family-therapy; attachment; attachment-issues; adolescents; holistic-approach; peer-support

Funding Partners


And a special thanks to the E.A. Lovibond Discretionary Trust for our start-up finance



The Survivor Lighthouse CIC

We are pleased to be working with The Survivor Lighthouse CIC who offer a 'survivor one-stop shop' for anyone who has experienced Domestic Abuse.

systemic-therapy; systemic; intervention; systemic-family-therapy; attachment; attachment-issues; adolescents; holistic-approach; peer-support
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